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Newsletter – May 2021

AGM on 27 May

Please attend our AGM at 18:30 on Thursday 27 May in the Protea Valley Family Church in Van Riebeeckshof Road.

Oude Westhof finance, security, our environment and contributions to the NPC (Non Profit Company) for the management of the environment in our Valley, are some of the current matters on our agenda.

Trustees will also be elected.  Please come forward or nominate your fellow residents,  we need new trustees to carry on with the smooth administration of our neighbourhood.

Please make every effort to attend.  If it is impossible for you,  please  nominate our chairman or another member as your proxy.  Proxy forms are available from Anel at  anelvw@nolandstyg.co.za.

Morning light on our neighbouring vineyards

Fly infestation

Angry Oude Westhof residents had enough of swarms of flies allegedly originating from the vegetable garden adjacent to the Oude Westhof Retirement Village.

A pressure group was formed threatening with legal action if the activities which attracts the flies do not stop.

Neigbouring residents claim they  have to live with their windows closed and are forced to use poison and other extreme measures to counter the problem.  While the garden is not physically in Oude Westhof, Oude Westhof residents are said to be mostly affected by the problem. The garden is in Van Riebeeckshof, directly adjacent to the Oude Westhof  Retirement Village

The residents pointed to the horse manure allegedly used in the garden as the source of the plague.  A city inspector called in to verify this, was however unable to do so.  Nevertheless Mr. Kriel, the gardener, was asked and undertook not to use biological fertilizer in future.  This will hopefully resolve the problem

Mr Kriel legally uses the property for gardening and has signed an agreement to this effect with the Parks Department in 2013.

The vegetable garden – allegedly the source of the fly problem. Now with flytraps.

Wandelpaadjie verleng

Die wandelpaadjie langs Van Riebeeckshof word binnekort verder verleng om die volle sirkel tussen die verkeerslig en en die boonste gedeelte van die straat te voltooi.

Raadslid Andrea Crous sê geld uit die stad se nuwe begroting is beskikbaar gestel om die paadjie verby die aftree-oord te voltooi.  Mense sal dan die volle sirkelroete kan stap sonder om in die besige straat te loop.

Die paadjie is baie gewild en word veral soggens en naweke druk deur stappers en drawwers gebruik.

‘n Paar groot bome in die pad van die paadjie sal deur die Parke-afdeling verskuif word voordat bouwerk voltooi kan word.

Work starting on extending the footpath next to Van Riebeecskshof Road

Dam cleaned and cleared by City

The dance of two brightly coloured giant earth moving machines restoring the Riesling Dam to its former glory, fascinated Oude Westhof residents for weeks.  The wait was worth it with the freshly cleaned dam now mostly free of reeds and back to its former size.

City councillor Andrea Crous explains that the “deep cleaning of our dams” is a project by the Catchment, Stormwater & River Management Section within the Water Services Directorate, of the city.  The purpose is to clean dams and water streams to ensure the easy flow of water and to prevent flooding.

The  Riesling Dam between Oude Westhof and Welgedacht  and the dam between Welgedacht and Kreupelboom Street in Protea Valley was cleaned in the current phase.  This process of removing silt and mud kept these machines occupied for weeks.  A contractor is doing the work for the city council.

Reeds and unwanted vegetation will be tackled next.  This will be done by another department using approved pesticides.  Other dams in Majik Forest and Doordekraal will be included.

Floating front end loader cleaning the dam

Woollies in the sky

A new top floor will be added to Majik Forest Shopping mall to accommodate the Woolworths Food Store .

The top floor will be added on top of the existing Spar Supermarket.  A lift will be incorporated to give shoppers easy access to the new store says Kelly Bleksley, spokesperson for the new owners, the Noble Property Fund (Pty) Ltd in partnership with Dorpstraat Development Trust.

She reiterates that the renovating project is on is on track and the first phase of the development will be completed by the beginning of October this year.  A new coffee shop and evening restaurant and new stores are in the pipeline.  Contracts with new tenants are still being negotiated.

The Medicare Oudehof Pharmacy will be moved downstairs next to more the new shopping space that is being created.

Parking issues will finally be resolved with a new double story parking garage providing undercover parking.

Artist impression of the upgraded Majik Forest shopping Centre in Van Riebeeckshof
Artist impression of the renovated Majik Forest Mall, with the new parking garage in the foreground.

Floodlights on the back fence

Motion detection floodlights will soon be added to our back fence as a further deterrent to crime in our area.

The new LED lights will activate when movement is detected in the nature reserve adjacent to the fence.  Touch sensors on the fence will also activate the lights.  This will in turn alert the our 24 hour monitoring team at Welgemoed Safe who will alert ADT if necessary.

The solar powered floodlights will be directed at the fence and into the adjacent park land and will not disturb residents living next to the fence.

Another safety measure is the batteries and inverters recently installed to supply constant electricity even during load shedding.

Crime at a low

The monthly crime incident report by ADT indicates no incidents for our area. This includes Van Riebeeckshof.

Clear expanse of water of the clean dam

New cameras to monitor Majic Forest

Four new cameras will be placed at the top of and bottom entrances of Majik Forrest.  The cameras will be monitored 24 hours per day by Welgemoed Safe.

Website and Facebook Page

Remember to use our website (https://oudewesthof.co.za/) for the most current information  regarding building regulations, security, regular rules and regulations of the Home Owners Association and the constitution. The website is linked to our Facebook page.  Please also visit and like our Facebook page.

Useful contact information

  • Oude Westhof Homeowners Association 021-943 4340
  • ADT dedicated security vehicle 078 802 2250
  • ADT emergencies 086 12 12 301
  • ADT control room 086 12 12 300
  • Bellville Police 021-918 3000

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Reflections on Riesling Dam